A trip up the tower

Liverpool has two Cathedrals, the Anglican Cathedral is the one that isn’t round. It is a 20th Century construct, being started in 1904 and not being completed until 1978. It is possible to visit the top of the tower via two lifts and 108 steps.
A schematic of the visitThe Greys in the liftThe passage from the first lift to the second oneThe ceiling dome in the roof void near lift twoThe bells seen from level ten (as high as the 2nd lift goes)Looking down on the bells from higher inside the towerThe stairs fork near the top of the tower.Karen and David pause for the cameraConcrete roof trusses at the top of the towerThe trusses from higher upDavid pulling faces on the roofThe roof- visitors are constrained to duckboards round the edgeThe up stair. The shed is for a member of staffThe other Cathedral- the Catholic one (1967)You can just make out Blackpool tower on the HorizonThe long journey back down